Monday, August 13, 2018

Patreon Supporters: Thank You!

I would like to thank my Patreon supporters!  I am preparing my next blogpost for publication now, and it should be finished in the coming days.

There have been a few technical issues I've been trying to work around with regard to contacting and thanking my Patreon supporters, which I will not go into the details about, but simply, Patreon will not allow my old Macbook OS to access the page/login/etc.  

That said, in early September I will be back at school with access to modern equipment.  Cheers for your hard earned contributions!  It helps me prepare for even greater classical adventures down the road . . . and, sea lanes!

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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sail Classical: The Coming Tide

Hello to all of the Bike Classical fans who have supported the investigation and exploration of ancient cities by helping me keep my tires to the pavement!  I have some exciting plans to share with you!
Well, in the not too distant future, Bike Classical will be taking its environmental expedition onto the deep blue seas with a YouTube Channel dedicated to the same mission.  I plan to partner both Cycle and Sail in the ongoing search for the humanities that have brought us to our current state of being on the planet.
To do that, I will be purchasing a Bavaria 41-46 Holiday.  The unique thing about these sailboats is that they have 4 cabins than can sleep 8 crew members.  Pictured above is the layout of a Bavaria Holiday 41, while below, a Bavaria 46.

This will make for a lively atmosphere full of adventure and discovery with guests and crew.  The goal is to have a rotating crew involving both Patreons and Friends, who will support the mission of investigating and sharing our rich world heritage with everyone.  The ship will be a live-aboard home for me, the crew, our cycles, and those who would like to support us.
If there happens to be a Patron (or) Patreon out there who just happens to own a Bavaria 41 Holiday that they would like to offer to the mission, or, support the mission with a sponsorship, I surely welcome you onboard the Classical Family :)  

In the meantime, please continue to follow and support Bike Classical, and enjoy the continuing discoveries of the ancient sites and cities of our planet.  We will investigate them together!