Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sail Classical: The Coming Tide

Hello to all of the Bike Classical fans who have supported the excavation of ancient cities by putting the tire to the pavement!  
Well, in the not too distant future, Bike Classical will be taking its environmental expedition onto the deep blue seas.  I am saving my money, and hope to partner both cycle and sail in the ongoing search for the humanities that have brought us to our current state of being on the planet.
In my current thinking, I am focused on the eventual purchase of a Beneteau Cyclades 50, which will be a live-aboard home for me and my cycle.  If there happens to be a Patron (or) Patreon out there who just happens to own a Cyclades 50 that they would like to offer to the mission, or, support the mission with a sponsorship, I surely welcome you onboard the Classical Family :)  
In the meantime, please continue to follow and support Bike Classical, and enjoy the discovery over the ancient cities of our planet together with us!